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2007-12-16 -- Mirror site down.... again

Sorry everyone. The mirror site is down again and I doubt it will be back up. Please use the secondary links for all BIOS downloads. For any broken file downloads I'm sorry but you'll just have to Google the file names by looking at the URL.

2007-07-16 -- Mirror site fixed.... again

Hey everyone. Sorry for the primary bios download links dieing. It appears there was a small problem with the DNS. It has been resolved and the primary links are back up and ready to go. Please use them over the secondary links.

2007-02-11 -- New download server and checksums

Chances are this is my last update for this site. I have gotten some web hosting space on a faster server with more bandwidth. I have moved all the BIOS downloads and any other downloads I am hosting over to my mirror site. Just make sure you use the Primary Download link for the best speeds.

Also I have finally put the MD5 Checksums up for all the BIOS downloads. Enjoy!

Oh one last thing, I've given up on trying to weed through the spam coming into So any e-mail being sent is pretty much going to be lost, sorry about that.

2007-01-21 -- TIP: Keep your eMachine cool or else!

I got a tip in my e-mail today from Bret who was telling me how he fixed a problem a lot of people have been talking about. His friends laptop was constantly locking up and not booting and would not perform simple recovery commands like 'CHKDSK' and 'FDISK /FIXMBR'. He found the problem was all the air vents and the inside of the laptop were clogged with dust causing the HD to reach temperatures over 100C. He took a can of compressed air and cleaned everything out and all troubles were solved. So the tip is keep those laptops dust free, get a cheap can of compressed air and go outside.

2007-01-21 -- E-mail possibly not coming through I recently switched my mail server over to Zimbra and it has been putting a few things into the SPAM folder which shouldn't be going there. If you have sent me an e-mail in the past and never heard back from me chances are the SPAM filter got it. My apologies and feel free to send the e-mail again. 2006-09-12 -- Downloads are back! My ISP has gotten things sorted out and things should be back to normal. 2006-09-11 -- Files down ***Update***

The file downloads from this site have been removed temporarily, turns out I have some cable internet issues here which is halfing my speeds. So when I upload files the rest of my net goes to shit. I'm working with my ISP to get this fixed.

On a related note I am looking for anyone with some webspace willing to mirror the file downloads I have. They all total around 110MB. Please contact me via if you can help.


2006-08-07 -- Gateway MX6441 Driver Pack added

Thanks to Coldwind for putting together this driver pack for the Gateway MX6441.

2006-07-12 -- New Broadcomm Driver

Thanks to the ever vigilant Cyber he has found us a new Broadcomm wireless driver. Check it out in the drivers section.

2006-06-01 -- Another bios!

Wow, it was like a one year halt on new bios' and here we have two in less then two weeks. This one apparently addresses the problem where the CPU speed of a 4000+ wasn't being read corretly. Thats all the info I have about it though.

2006-05-25 -- Long delayed update and a new bios!

Well I've been taking my sweet ass time to post the link to a new Broadcomm Wireless driver. You can find it in the drivers section now, the version is

Also some more good news thanks to a contributer we'll call Mr. Fritz. He apparently has a working relationship with Arima and through some social engineering has gotten us a new bios for our laptops! The new version is 0F08.P01E and says he is using it to get a Athlon64 4000+ to work properly in his m68xx. Head over to the download section to grab a copy.

As usual flashing your bios is scary stuff, make it a brick, yada yada don't blame me :D

2006-02-07 -- New Broadcom Wireless driver found! Well its kind of new. Newest driver I've found so far. If anyone has a newer one PLEASE e-mail me so we can get it out to everyone.

Driver Version: Driver Date: 18-02-2005

2006-02-02 -- New RAM Optimization Guide added!

A new guide has been added that will show you how to tweak your laptops ram to run stable at 200mhz instead of 166mhz! Check it out. Special thanks goes to Alan.

2006-01-07 -- NS.00.05 Bios works!

I have two e-mails of users who have confirmed that the NS.00.05 BIOS works on their eMachines m68xx series laptop. One reported the standard battery bug we know of when NS bios' is used on the older motherboard in the m68xx series.


2005-12-12 -- NS.00.05 Bios News

I already have one report back that the NS.00.05 Bios is actually the NS.00.02 bios. I'm going to leave it up for a little longer and wait for additional information. The user who reported this thinks Winphlash might have just not done anything and is looking into it more. Please e-mail me at if you decide to try the NS.00.05 bios and let me know how it goes.

2005-12-11 -- New bios added!

Everyone thank Dustin for a new Gateway 7422GX bios version NS.00.05. He said he got the new bios when his laptop was returned to him from servising. I am unaware if this will work on eMachine m68xx laptops. If anyone knows please e-mail me at and let me know!

2005-08-03 -- Site finally updated! Just a few updates

  • Fixed Primary BIOS Downloads (Thanks to Kawai for the mirror)
  • Added new primary download for Gateway 7426GX Driver Pack (Thanks to Kawai for the mirror)
  • Added hacked Catalyst 5.6 64bit Drivers INF file (Thanks ToneDeF)
  • Coming soon Gateway 7410GX Driver Pack

2005-07-18 -- New links!

I added a few new links tonight to eMachine Upgraders and Repair4Laptop. Two very good sites. In additional news it appears the original eMachines Bios page has gone down and with it all the bios downloads for our laptops. Good thing I mirrored them! I will be removing the dead links shortly. If anyone can offer a mirror of these files please e-mail me links and I'll put them up.

2005-06-05 -- New AMD CPU Driver added

AMD has released a new version of their AMD Athlon 64 CPU Driver for Windows XP and 2000. Get it while its hot!

2005-06-03 -- New audio driver added

I've added a link to the Via VT8235 Southbridge audio driver. This is an alternative if you don't want to use the Realtek drivers. Thanks to 'antiproduct' for this one.

2005-05-23 -- New driver pack added!

Thanks to Karmatenzin for this one. Its a driver pack for your Gateway 7426gx. All you have to do is install Windows XP and then run this driver pack and it will install ALL the drivers you need! The file is 25mb so please be sparing on my bandwidth and if someone could mirror this file for me to take the traffic away from my server please e-mail me at

2005-05-22 -- Drivers section updated!

Added new drivers for Via 4-in-1s, Via Rhine Network card, Realtek Audio Card and Omega Catalyst Drivers.

2005-05-04 -- A fun video

I've been reading for forum and saw a few posts about power cables falling out of eMachine M68xx's or it simply not clicking when inserted in. I got bored at work and came up with this, it uses the Xvid codec (in the event you see no video). Bold text Download the Video

2005-04-27 -- New drivers added!

Added new wireless drivers. They are for a D-Link card but since its based off the same chipset as ours it works great with our Broadcomm cards.

2005-04-22 -- Updated links section

Added Weresharks M6805 project to the links section.

2005-04-21 -- New Guide Added!

Added a guide that outlines common fixes for the popping problem with Audigy 2 ZS Notebook Cards.

2005-04-18 -- New drivers added!

I added a link to the Gateway 7422gx Driver Pack that was put together by amd64lover ( It includes all needed drivers for Windows XP Pro.

2005-04-16 -- New site launched!

Its finally here! The new eMachines Resource Portal new and improved now with more PHP and MySQL. I know the design sucks (I'm a coder, I don't make things pretty I just make them work). Feel free to send me any feedback and as always if you have something to contribute please click the 'Contact / Contribute' button on the left hand side and I'll post it.

Things still to come!

  • Change the sort order on the drivers site
  • Display authors of the guides on the guides screen
  • FAQ Section