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Important: All drivers on this page are for Windows XP only. They might work in Vista. Please also keep in mind these links are very old. I'd recommend trying to Google newer versions of these drivers if you can.

Driver Packs

Large zip file containing a full collection of drivers for a specific laptop model. I haven't tested these they are all user submitted. Please use the Primary Download and save me some bandwidth.

Name: Gateway MX6441 Driver Pack

Primary Download: Download

Secondary Download: File:GatewayMX6441DriverPack.rar

Name: Gateway 7426gx Driver Pack

Primary Download: Download

Alternate Primary Download: Download

Secondary Download: File:Gateway7426gxDriverPack.rar

Name: Gateway 7422gx Driver Pack

Primary Download: Download

Secondary Download: File:Gateway7422gxDriverPack.rar


Name: Broadcom Wireless Driver v4.40.19.0

Download: Download

Name: Broadcom Wireless Driver v3.140.16.0

Download: Download

Name: D-Link Wireless-G PCI Adapter v4 Driver (Broadcomm) v3.100.46.0

Download: Download

Name: Via Rhine II 10/100 Ethernet Driver v41

Download: Download

Chipset / CPU

Name: AMD Athlon 64 CPU Driver

Download: Download

Name: Via 4in1 Chipset Drivers v4.56

Download: Download

Name: VIA IDE Accelerator Driver **Optional**

Download: Download

Name: ENE 1410 PCMCIA Chipset Driver [Packard Bell Driver] v1.1.30

Download: File name is 'ENE_CB1410.exe'. Try using Google. Looks like Packard Bell shut down their direct downloads and you need a serial number now.

Video Card

Name: ATi Drivers Site

Download: Official Site

Note: You might be able to just install the latest mobile drivers on the eMachines/Gateway laptops. If you can't download the full driver package by picking any desktop card and use this tool to modify the files so they will install on a laptop.

Name: Omega Drivers for ATi Radeon Cards


Sound Card

Name: Realtek AC'97 Soundcard Driver

Download: Download site

Name: Vinyl Stylus Audio driver (Realtek alternative) v5.90b

Download: Download


Name: Smart Link Modem

Download: Company site

Name: Conexant 56k v92 Modem Driver

Download: Company site


Name: Synaptics Touch Pad Driver

Download: Company site