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WARNING: Flashing your bios can be very dangerous!

I am not responsible for anything that could go wrong or right from using these files, use are your OWN risk.

To download WinPhlash for Windows [Click Here]

BIOS Downloads

Company Model Version Date Primary Download Secondary Download Checksum (MD5)
Gateway 7422GX NS.00.08 ????-??-?? Download 838597d8d080e18cbd235972a992627d
Arima W730-K8 DTR 0F08.P02E 2006-06-01 Download 2de116d16236d12e80c80eee1909e34d
Arima W730-K8 DTR 0F08.P01E 2006-05-25 Download File:0F08.P01E.rar e65cdcd02091a44c1ca02d86a0b97697
Gateway 7422GX NS.00.05 2005-12-11 Download 5c97d32212e4104de82388f8d5e144ec
eMachines M6805 0F08.P00 and NSF04.P0 2005-04-04 Download f4f35ea32630e31f897d2a066d9b6451
Gateway 7405GX 52.00.01 2004-09-17 Download 1b1616da319db1c9a26776ed3bd818e2
eMachines M6805 NSF04.P0 2004-08-11 Download 090f2686d4c63f183f51106f26736196
Gateway 7405GX NS.00.02 2004-08-11 Download 271a72b81d7c9faa032d0ef9c16ab730
eMachines M6811 0F08.P00 2004-08-11 Download 9c2c44c6630e412413f9d31bb52e38c2
eMachines M6811 0F07.P00 2004-05-20 Download 5aeb9ecb481ab6d542aed3b0fbeccea7
Arima W730-K8 DTR 0F07.P00A 2004-05-20 Download 916a294ba839dfa9498d17b6ec59de5a
eMachines M6809 0F05.P00 2004-03-26 Download 7508a139a2eba8921ce8d34a3cc37165
eMachines M6805 0F02.P00 2003-12-17 Download a9cf843b6d04d156fd9b989f7754554c
eMachines M6805 NSF03.P0 ????-??-?? Download 76d3e647d820107d72a701e422627bd4